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Brenda Peddigrew, RSM (NL) is a Sister of Mercy and a Doctor of Philosophy with a specialty in Transformative Learning (CIIS). She is an international facilitator as well as a trainer of facilitators. She offers spiritual mentoring using a variety of traditions, and especially favors Compassion-Focused Therapy. Brenda is a published author of four poetry books, a collection of essays on encountering the natural world (available on this website)called Finding the Line, as well as Original Fire: The Hidden Heart of Religious Women, the book that developed from her doctoral research.  These and works-in-progress are also available here. Brenda is a poet/essayist, especially regarding inner life and encounters with nature. She writes as well on Contemplative Practice in its many dimensions. Her books are listed elsewhere on this site.

Brenda is a public speaker and  gives writing workshops and contemplative retreats. She is an experienced facilitator of "Chapters" - the special meetings for religious communities in which decisions are made for the life of the group.  Brenda especially favors working with individuals and groups who wish to move towards intentional transformation. During the past two years she is developing and focusing practices and teachings on Contemplative Presence, Contemplative Practice, and Contemplative Discernment, and Contemplative Conversation. On each of these teachings she offers a 4-5 hour day of group engagment.

As of June 2, 2012, on the occasion of turning 65, Brenda confined her facilitation work to communities and groups in Canada alone. Having just turned 70, Brenda is researching new ways of doing Chapters as religious women and men are increasingly limited in time and energy.

For extensive Resume/Curriculum Vitae, please contact Brenda through Soulwinds.