The Search For Peace

Each of you has many questions about your life and purpose. You seek answers but what you really want is reassurance, that you will overcome the challenges you are faced with, you will find the love you are seeking, and you will eventually have peace. Humanity's journey is a search for peace, not simply freedom from chaos and drama but the peace that comes from knowing and understanding, a quiet assurance that no matter what appears to be happening, all is well and in divine order. You have that peace within you and part of your power lies in being able to connect to your inner peace.
As you go through lessons and challenging experiences you believe that peace comes when you have completed them and know their outcome. You believe that you will have peace when you have a new job, more money, a life partner, or the answers to your questions. Then you can release your fears, be at peace and move forward on your path. But even as you seek peace from outside yourself it eludes you because the peace you seek is within you, hidden within the details of your journey and its lessons.
You have different meanings and definitions of peace and you attach meanings to it according to how it manifests within your reality. For some, peace is the absence of war. For others, it is freedom from worrying about an outcome. Some of you seek peace in the form of good health. Others believe they will have peace when they have a secure, loving relationship. Although you may define peace in different ways, what you are seeking is the knowledge that you are loved and supported by your Creator who knows and answers your prayers.
Give yourself the gift of peace by knowing that you are always on the right path, doing the right things and living your life purpose. Even though you think that having peace comes from the resolution of your lessons, they are resolved when you can connect to the peace within you. Seek peace within your heart, for that is where you will find it.  Peace is found within knowing, having faith and remembering your power. Within your darkest times you can be at peace and know that all is in divine order. Every step of your journey contains the gift of peace that is within you and will give you the comfort that you have been seeking. Be at peace, for you are loved, comforted, supported and always cherished by your loving Creator.