Confusion is a friend, opening the door of welcome,
offering a moment when everything opens and everything
is possible again. Confusion
shakes the kaleidoscope,
life’s colorful pieces
falling into new patterns and new empty spaces.
Certainty gives answers
before questions arise.
choking them off before they see sun’s light.
Certainty is the enemy,
guarding its gate against possibility,
against visions
rising like the moon over a dark landscape.
As Rumi said before me
“how great was my knowledge
before “Revelation made me dumb.”
Questions are doorways
into wisdom without beginning or end.
Answers fall away like ash,
blown by the slightest wind.
There is more strength in taking off the armor of certainty
than in shining its breastplate, hour after hour.
Confusion propels a new language,
and that language, knowing its limits,
falls into magnificent silence: Revelation.