Weddings and Other Ceremonies

Joan is  legally licensed to perform civil wedding ceremonies.

Joan dressed for wedding ceremony"I have an endless curiosity and sense of wonder for the mystery and magic of the human spirit.

It has become a passion of mine to discover how to honor the uniqueness of each of us in ceremonies of all kinds. I am honored to help create and participate with anyone marking special occasions with personal expressions of ritual and ceremony.

I continually learn from my teachers and mentors from many traditions, as well as the daily discoveries and surprises from the earth.

I live, play, work and grow from life so close to the natural world."

The style of wedding ceremony can be traditional, or designed personally with many traditions that can be incorporated according to the couple's choices of meaning and intention.

Some examples could include Celtic Handfasting, poetry and scripture readings, rituals such as smudging, feather and ring blessings, ceremonial fires, and sacred directions. The possibilities are limitless, whether outdoor or indoor ceremonies.

Other ceremonies: Rites of Passage, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Re-Commitment, House Blessings, Naming Cermonies, End of Life celebrations, Fire Ceremonies, Despachos...or any event that you choose to celebrate in ceremony.

 Fees are structured according to the time and travel distance involved. Please contact Joan for further information.


wedding ceremony in progress