Joan's Workshops

These sessions/workshops can be done with individuals or your own group together and invite Joan to lead. Rates are negotiable according to time, place and numbers.

 Labyrinth-Making Instruction

Learn how to create a labyrinth in your own space. I will either help you to lay it out or actually create it with you. Labyrinths can be made of many materials and in many ways; e.g., mowed in a grassy meadow; made with stones, wood chips or cut into a snowy field or lawn. They can be adapted to any space or size.

Guided Kayaking

Learn the basics or go a little farther afield to explore some of the local lakes. This is especially suited to beginners, for learning techniques and building confidence. This is not whitewater kayaking, which makes it safe and fun for all levels of learning. A half day or a whole day is available. Some equipment can be provided or learn how to use your own with one-on-one guidance.

Guided Hikes, Winter and Summer

Discover our excellent local hiking trails with an experienced guide. Learn to encounter the trail as a mirror of your own daily life, something that is difficult to do with a group. While you navigate some of these magnificent trails, I will teach you not only how to see yourself reflected back, but also how to notice the magical world around you that we tend to miss.

Building Sacred Spaces on Your Own Land

Discover what your own land and property have to offer you in creating your own sacred spaces for quiet reflection in little corners of your property. Paths, groves, small structures, benches and the placement of plants, trees, and chosen objects are only some of the ways in which your property can nurture your spirit every day.


 Mindfulness and Stress Management Practices

Learn short and simples practices that help you to manage daily life stresses. Either as an individual or as a group of your choosing, I can work in your space as well as my own. These practices can minimize and avoid many of the physical symptoms that can arise from the constant intensity, momentum and over-stimulation of our current pace of life. I will teach you very simple ways to protect your health and emotional well-being, whatever your life circumstances.

 Making Gifts and Ceremonial Objects with Earth Materials

Earth offers us gifts every day: feathers, stones, sticks, shells...these can be used with beads and simple creative tools to make gifts and beautiful objects for decoration or ceremony. One-to-one or with your own group, I can help you gather materials - or use my own - to create objects you will treasure.

 Inner Quest Guidance

Using nature-based practices, I will mentor individuals or groups to design a longer-term exploration process using a wide variety of experiences that invite into the depths of one's soul. This could be a series of weekly meetings or weekends or any other form that would meet the needs of the explorer(s).

Homeopathic First Aid

Learn the basic elements of homeopathic prescribing for first-aid and common ailments and injuries; create a homeopathic first-aid kit for your home use.