SoulWinds' Sacred Places

Scattered among the three acres of the property called SoulWinds are several places that we have identified as holding some sacred quality. We have cultivated these places around that recognition, and they are shown below. Many people come to visit and spend time in these sacred spots along the river and in the forest around our home.

Below is a series of photographs of the Sacred Places on SoulWinds property. It includes a Medicine Wheel, a seven-circuit Cretan Labyrinth, a fifteen-foot ceremonial tipi, a meditation space in the trees, called a "tree temple", a bough shelter on the edge of the river, a meditation loft, a mystic stone garden, a six-foot peace pole, and a writing/meditation trailer.

The Medicine Wheel, 24 feet in diameter, is usable in either winter or summer. Here is a winter view, right on the edge of the river:


Medicine Wheel in Winter


     path into Medicine Wheel

path into wheel             marking the East direction with teachings                             and symbols

Medicine Wheel -East Direction















                                    Summer view of Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel in summer


                                   Grainne, Guardian of the Medicine Wheel

Grainne - Guardian of Wheel


Grainne is a four-foot carving of a female form in cedar. Her presence is so powerful that we named her "Grainne", which is the gaelic word for "grace", and is also the name of the most notorious female Irish pirate in the 17th century. Her form is a primal image of feminine energy, and she watches over the land and its inhabitants.


The Seven-Circuit Cretan Labyrinth

SoulWinds' Labyrinth



15-foot Ceremonial Tipi




"Tree Temple" - soft chimes in a grove of trees


tree temple


Bough Shelter on River's Edge


bough Shelter


Meditation Loft Overlooking the River


Meditation Loft


A Mystic Garden


Mystic Garden


Peace Pole: French, English, Irish Gaelic and Lakota, saying

"May Peace Prevail on Earth"


Peace Pole


Trailer for Writing and Solitude


Writing Trailer