Brenda's Workshops

The workshops below will be posted with dates/fees as they are planned. However, please inquire by phone or email for more information or to book a workshop for your own group, either at SoulWinds or at any other location.

Writers' Workshops

Brenda offers two-hour or half/full-day workshops for aspiring and practicing writers. Titles of these workshops include "Deep Writing: Seven Practices for Accessing Your Writing Source"; "Inner Treasure: Encountering Your Writing Self; "You Can Write Poems! Fun with tanka, haiku and cinquain", and "The Story You Alone Can Tell: Encountering the Significance of Personal Storytelling. 

A Day Spent in Silence

Not only is silence in short supply in our electronic and speedy world, but in many cases it is avoided and even feared. Yet, there is knowledge, wisdom and inner guidance that only emerges in the practice of silence. Experience this silence in two-hour segments, with an opportunity for dialogue and learning after each segment. In this day you might discover silence not only as friend, but as a significant passageway to Sacred Revelation.

Shift Therapy: One-to-One

As the world continues to speed up, we are faced each day with decisions that either enhance or limit our lives. In one-to-one sessions, Brenda facilitates and mentors personal transformation according to the unique needs and circumstances of each person, for as long or as short a time requested. No shift is too small, and every decision contributes either to a conscious way of life or an unconscious one. Thus we become part of either the "Great Dying" or the "Great Turning."

Transformative Facilitation

Brenda is available for long or short-term contract facilitation work, with any group of any nature who requires decision-making, conflict-resolution, or enhancing relationships in the workplace. Her transformative approach implies offering ways for group members to see their tasks and changes in light of a transformative process rather than making isolated surface changes. It includes reflection and intuition as catalysts for change. 

Learning Transformative Facilitation

In two-and-a-half day sessions, the first an introduction to what is necessary to become a transformative facilitator and the second directly addressing the role of shadow, projection and conflict in groups,  Brenda invites new and practicing facilitators into a different paradigm for their work. Anyone who works with people can benefit from the two workshops; even IT personnel and real estate agents have taken these courses!

   The Celtic Way of Seeing: 
A Day With The Irish Spirit Wheel

Using an ancient form of "wheel" similar to the Medicine Wheel of First Nations people but Irish in origin, the reflections of this day bring together our inner life with our outer world. "The Celtic Way of Seeing" links the eye and the heart, enabling us to see the world differently and to see beyond what our eyes register. Teaching, reflective questions and wheel practices make this day one of variety and depth.

Simply Meditating

"Meditation" is a common word today, but it is used as if it has one meaning. Many mistakenly interpret meditation as what they do to feel better, to get to calmness. Sometimes, but there is so much more, and peace is sometimes but not always by-product, not main event. This workshop will explore several forms of meditation by short teachings, then practicing each one, so that participants can go deeper in their understanding of and experimenting with the form of meditation best suited to their own unique nature.

The Power of Blessing/Centering Prayer/Welcoming Prayer

Even scientists today are recognizing and validating the definite effect of intended blessing, whether it be for the sick or for calling particular benign outcomes for specific situations. Using the work of Greg Braden and David Spangler, and other traditional teachings, this workshop offers instruction and practice of concrete ways that we can engage the power of blessing in our everyday lives, increasing our power for good in the world. As a preparation for the using the Blessing Practice, the experience of Centering will be taught as ground for Blessing.