Shamanism is the name given to the practice of connecting to the essence of life through knowing spirit energy in Nature. For over 50, 000 years shamanism has been the bedrock of all healing and spiritual traditions and calls us to awaken our indigenous nature. It is not a faith, but a constantly evolving wisdom tradition in which we learn purely from our own, individual and collective, personal experience. Nor is it a religion and it is dogma-free, indeed it supports any existing spiritual practice one may already hold. The shamanic practitioner follows practices that nourish the sacred in the self and comes to see, know and work with the sacredness of all things. So many of us yearn for connection to our own ‘soulfulness’ in a free and natural way, shamanism is an ancient, simple way allowing this connection with beauty, power and magic.

The healing shamanic practitioner is one who learns to travel to the world of spirit that is beyond time to retrieve healing, vision and teaching. Traditionally accompanied by drum or rattle, the practitioner uses strong intent and energy to “journey” into territories beyond ordinary reality. The reward is wider and deeper understanding of this world, making the practitioner a truth seeker who knows and expresses the ecstasy of sacred living. We become powerful figures of integrity who bring light, compassion and magic into our own lives, those of our loved ones, our community and to the earth itself.

 (from website of Karen Ward..celtic Shaman)