SoulWinds Story and Information


SoulWinds is a small piece of land - about three acres - on the bank of a small but feisty river in the near North of the province of Ontario in Canada. One summer evening during the first month of living there, my housemate Joan and I were sitting quietly on the edge of that river, with a small fire for comfort in the darkening evening. The move here had worn us down with many unexpected obstacles, and we were silent after the effort of it. Aside from the crackle of the flames, everything was still. Then I noticed a sound above us, a small sound of moving air, like a breath, like a soft blowing. When I looked up, I saw and heard the wind moving the tops of the old White Pine and Hemlock that sentry the fire pit, one on each side. The treetops were moving vigorously while on the ground, everything was still. "These are the winds of the soul," I thought, "these are the winds that moved us here, that will continue to move us, even when we think everything is settled." When I told Joan this thought, the name "SoulWinds" was born.

SoulWinds contains a smallish house which serves us well. We can accomodate a guest or two. When we offer courses, we offer the possibility of renting the two cottages next to us - both owners are city-dwellers who come infrequently. Contact us for this information.

There are also resorts and cabins within five minutes drive:

Loralea Country Inn and Resort:

Sandy Lane Resort:

Oakview Lodge:

Little Hawk Resort and Marina:

We are located two and a half hours northeast of Toronto's Pearson Airport. Shuttles are available from the airport to within an hour's drive from here. We will provide this information for those who are traveling from the airport.

Our joint courses are offered on the SoulWinds property, though other accomodations are used for personal guided retreats with Brenda, and other consultations.